Rescue & re-homing can be very expensive. Some of the dogs we take in may have already been neutered/spayed, chipped, vaccinated etc but this is very rare. On top of the general vet costs for each dog, some dogs may also need extra treatments that can run into the hundreds. We can also spend anywhere up to $80 just on transporting a dog to get them into rescue, add this to the everyday costs such as office equipment & collars, leads, bowls etc the adoption fee we ask for doesn't cover the costs we spend out. 

We have a few dedicated members who have set direct debits up to donate a little every month & we have also been very lucky in the past to have small lump sums donated. We are eternally grateful for every last penny that is donated & wouldn't be able to continue without the public's kindness.

All donations to One by One Animal Rescue are tax deductible as we are a 501(c)3.

There are several ways you can donate to help us continue to rescue & re-home more dogs in the future:

PayPal - (please mark as gift)




We are always delighted to accept donations of collars, leads, beds, unopened food & other items that can be of use.

One by one until there's none.

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